I cannot download my file.

Please try another browser (FireFox, Google Chrome).

I cannot open (.pdf) Panasonic manual or Adobe Reader sends me to its site.

Your file is encrypted by Panasonic.

I have lots of files in Panasonic .zip archive.

Unzip it first.

1. Main file is .sgm extension. You need to install PanaView program. Read more...

2. Main file is index.html. You must open it with (attention!) Internet Explorer. Other browsers won't open it.

At the top or bottom of your browser you will see announcement about For security purposes ... ActiveX ... . Click on it and let blocked ActiveX.

If Simplified Service Manual.

This is the difference between this and the base model.

See Note on the 1st page.

Example for PT-LB3:

"Please use this manual together with the service manual for PT-LB1/2(Order No.BSD1007A21CE). Several information other than describe in this simplified manual, please refer to PT-LB1/2 service manual. The part where the model name is described PT-LB1/2 by the content corresponds to PT-LB3."

Use search on this site for the model PT-LB1.

If Supplement, Parts Change Notice or Changes.

Also use search.

What programs do I need to view service manuals?

WinRar or another compression software to extract compressed .rar or .zip archives.

Adobe Reader to view .pdf documents.

DjVu viewer to view .djvu documents.

PanaView to view Panasonic. .sgm documents

Nothing helped or I have a question.

Please contact me.